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Dubbed “the friendliest track league in the country”, new riders of all abilities are always given a warm welcome.

Whether you are a potential rider or spectator, you can be guaranteed a great evening of entertainment at Preston Park. Racing begins at 6.45pm and continues until around 8.45pm depending on daylight. Top-class refreshments are available from the award-winning caterer Andrea McClelland.

The website brings you all the latest results, overall points scores, rider profiles, etc. The generous prize-list is supplemented by weekly lap prizes for seniors.

Many of the youngsters in the league’s youth races are members of two local youth cycle clubs, VC Jubilee and Preston Park Youth CC.

If you live within an hour or so of Brighton, you really are missing out if you don’t come along and sample the delights of the Preston Park track, either as a rider or as a spectator. But be warned, if you attend once, you’re guaranteed to be here all season.

For details of how to get in touch with SCRL  jump to the committee page or to find out how to get to the track go to the location page.

The league is run entirely by volunteers.  The day to day running of the league is by a committee elected at the AGM.  Visit the committee page for information on who is on the committee and how to contact them.

Thank you for visiting us at Sussex Cycle Racing League and we hope to see you at the track this summer.

The cycle track at Preston Park in Brighton is probably the best kept secret in the city.  It is the oldest cycle track in the country (don’t worry it isn’t the original surface) celebrating it’s 125th anniversary in 2012.   

In it’s heyday the track drew huge crowds of spectators to watch some of the county’s best riders.  The crowds are not so big these days but the racing is just as exciting. Every Wednesday evening from April to August the track at Preston Park, Brighton, still comes to life with a fantastic series of races for all categories of riders and all ages.  Usually between 60 and 80 competitors take part in the racing, which includes all types of events from scratch races, handicaps and points races to the more unusual keirins and devil-take-the-hindmost contests.

The Preston Park track is run and maintained by Brighton and Hove City Council.  For more information and hire details visit their website.

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